What to Know When Buying Used Ice Bins


If you run a restaurant or eatery, ice bins are some of the most important supplies to have. Ice buckets help to keep beverages chilled ensuring they can last longer and maintain their tastes.  There are multiple styles, designs, and brands of ice bins. It’s up to you to decide what you want and make sure you settle for it. For those who would rather buy used instead of new bins, there are various things to consider when purchasing used ice bins.

Bin Fabric

Ice buckets are created from a variety of materials. Stainless steel remains the best choice for many considering it’s durable, stylish, and BPA-free. It’s also tough and will keep ice cold longer. The problem with stainless steel is that it’s extremely costly. Wood is another common and most preferred choice which outsmarts stainless steel when it comes to affordability and portability.  It also includes a lined design that guarantees durability. Do your search and make sure you settle for the best.

Total Capacity

Ice bins come in a variety of shapes and designs. They also come in multiple sizes. Based on the size, the ice holding capacity of different bins will always differ. When choosing, you need to decide which size to opt for depending on the amount of ice you would want to be storing.

Insulating Capabilities

The design and size of an ice bucket greatly affect its insulating capabilities. Well-designed buckets with a dense design will offer better insulating capabilities. For the best results, you may need to opt for buckets made of stainless steel. Make sure the ones you choose are double-walled and have a dense and strong design.

Condition and Price

In case you prefer used ice buckets, it’s important you determine its condition. You don’t want to buy an extremely old bucket that would stop functioning several days after the purchase. You need a well-conditioned bucket that though used, doesn’t show any signs of malfunctioning. It would be good you evaluate the bucket in question to know about its condition and efficiency. Please don’t forget that the condition of any ice bucket will also affect its price. Often, almost new secondhand buckets will cost more than buckets that have been used for lengthy periods. You may need to stick to your budget to avoid disappointments.


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