What are the food trends of 2019!


Each year surprisingly launches the food industry into the enigma of experiments and adventures. With new flavors and taste coming up to design the plates of customers, the food industry is evolving to provide the customers with something new each time.

With the coming of 2019, there has been some exciting news for the food lovers. This year is a promising one for the health conscious people looking for taste. If you have been waiting to find what new will be on the top restaurants this year – keep reading!

Clean eating

People are getting more health conscious given the fact that the market is turning dirty with the hybrid vegetables and fruits. Therefore organic milk, vegetables and fruits will gather momentum throughout the year. There will be more awareness about clean eating, soups, veggies and fruits in the freshest forms to try. With an urge to shift to health, there is more awareness about vegan diets and organic eating methods.


Superfoods are on a rise. Items like kale, avocado, flax seeds etc are to be included in more forms of food making the superfoods more accessible and popular amongst the masses. The restaurants are soon to pick up the pace and design the dishes around the superfood to make it more worthy experience for the people looking for health alternatives and immune boosters.

Fermented food

Fermented food items have been long awaiting their chance of being in the limelight. This year happens to be one offering the most. With fermented kombucha drinks, fermented brad flavors like sour dough etc to even the fermented salads and pickles – there will be more talking about pro-biotics with taste in hand. Given the fact that pro-biotics have indeed been found as health alternating – they are to find their place in people’s relished dishes.

Seed butters

With nut butters already being in the market, the seed butters are soon to be a trend too. So if you had been finding a breakfast essential with health in hand, seed butters like watermelon butter, pumpkin seed butter etc are going to be new tastes of treat!

Baking breads

Baking trends have broken all records. And today people are shifting their own baking of breads for daily consumptions. And thus the world will see more natural forms of breaks with inspiring changes. Take cue from sourdough, oat breads etc!

Food trends give inspiration to millions of bakers, chefs and restaurants to bring in something new to the restaurants. Smoked flavors are on a rise too and in this regard, viande fumee Jarry are truly worth trying!