How to Style a Sweet Table for Your Wedding


Having a sweet table at your wedding is one cool way of keeping the kids entertained and most of the adults too. Here are some great ideas for designing a sweet table at your wedding reception.


Before you start to order sweets or add accessories, you must decide on a colour palette. Your sweet table must match your wedding theme, even the type of sweet you purchase must integrate effortlessly with your concept. Try make it colourful yet stick to the theme of your wedding.

Select the Right Candy

When choosing your candy, try to find colours that match your reception. If your event is decorated with red and white patterns, purchase candy and sweets that compliment the theme of your wedding. Make sure you have a good mix of different types of candies, that includes Halal sweets and products which can be eaten by vegetarians.

The easiest place to source specialised sweets and other types of candy is online, there are several great stores who can offer you Halal sweets and other products at affordable rates.

Add Accessorises

Your sweet table isn’t complete without a number of cool accessories, it attracts attention to your table, making it a central feature while your guests wait for the reception to begin. Your sweet table should include accessories such as:

  • A carefully decorated backdrop
  • Large mirrors or frames
  • Balloons and other wedding decorations

A sweet table is a great feature at any wedding party, when choosing sweets, you must remember to cater for all your guests.