How Can You Get Drunk Without Getting Tipsy?


Are you one of those people who desire to get drunk? However, afraid of the after effects of drinking and excessive drinking might also lead to hangover and headache. You might have come across incidents about people getting drunk and involving in fights or getting aggressive in behaviour. This will not only influence your social image, but also creates chaos for other people around you.

You might be among those people who want to exercise some ground rules while drinking in any pub or social gatherings. Knowing your limit is one of the main issues people face while getting drunk. Thus, sooner you figure it out, the better.

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There are few tips you can follow to practice self-control while going for any party or getting drunk precisely. Such as –


The important thing is trying to limit the consumption of alcohol. However, not every individual is good at being self-restraint. In such situations, the best thing you can do is drink with people whom you know or in company of friends. Make it a habit to tell them beforehand to stop you, if you drink beyond limit.

As one of the tips, you can also add milk shake or protein to your drink. It might not be tastier or even add few kilos of weight but at the end of the day it will help you to be sober. Overall, it helps to reduce the ill-effects of alcohol.


If you are willing to consume alcohol, make sure that it is not concentrated. A concentrated drink has more effects on your body than a diluted one. It is also not healthy in the long run. Whenever you drink, remember not to drink on an empty stomach or to drink with some starters. If you are drinking on an empty stomach, you might have more chance of puking, or other things. This might also increase the chance of you being intoxicated even while consuming less amount of liquor.

Another way to restrict yourself from drinking less, is by carrying limited amount of money with yourself.


  • If you are into selective brand when drinking, you might perhaps be cautious. On the other hand, if you are too flexible with your choices, you might have the habit of trying various drinks. That way, you will end up mixing different liquors and that might have a bad influence on your body. Get yourself a beer for a beer, vodka for vodka. Mixing up drinks will just make you more vulnerable towards getting tipsy.
  • On the following day, a glass of warm water consumption can help you relieve headache.
  • Many people might not know, but having orange before going to bed helps you to get rid of hangover the next day.

  • Another preventive measure to put your stomach right is by consuming milk. It should be just before you start drinking.

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