Growler Bar-Keep Your Beer Cool and Fresh


Nowadays, craft beer gains more popularity around the world than other types of beer. There are more ways to move the precious liquid to and from breweries. The beer growler is a storage which stores and transports beer to a retail store. Growlers are also considered as the containers that can be used to storage and transport needs. Generally, it can be purchased from a restaurant, retail store, brew-pub or brewery through a tap system. The growler bar is a glass jug you can fill or refill with fresh, cold and draft beer.

The growler bar made from stainless steel, glass, or ceramic materials will help protect your beer for some time with minimal degradation. The preservation time of beer can be varied and range from two days to two weeks. Otherwise, the lasting time depends on the optional features. The time of preservation is evaluated by the retailer’s ability to vacuum pump the growler along with CO2 prior to filling it.

Once you work is done with growler bar, simply clean it, cap with hot water and get it back to another.

Types of Growler

Growlers come in various shapes and sizes. The popular size of growlers starts with 64 oz., which holds four pints of beer. Another commonly used size of growlers is a 32 oz., which equates to 2 pints. You can enjoy the delicious craft beer by yourself. Furthermore, the least popular beer storage is gallon growlers. The growlers come in various types, they are:

Glass Growlers:

Glass growlers are the more famous type. All the types of growlers come in numerous colors and range from amber, blue, clear, etc. The most popular craft beer is amber growlers because the dark colors are protected from sunlight. When sunlight hits the beer for a longer time, it will turn to bad or skunk beer. You can take this beer in growler bar Fort Worth and have fun.

Stainless Steel Growlers:

The clear growlers are specifically for Kombucha. The clear growlers come in various sizes such as 64 oz, and 32 oz. The steel growlers are quite a popular one as well as it can be single-walled or double-walled, which helps you keep the beer cold.

Why People Go for Growlers?

Some benefits of using Growlers,

  • Growler is an efficient way to get small amounts of release beers, seasonal beers, and favorite beer back home from the grocery, restaurant, filling station, brewery and more.
  • Take home and keep it always chilled, so you can enjoy your beer for two to three days.
  • Growlers are the best way to transport your homebrew to your local homebrew clubs and your friends.

Remember that most growlers are not dishwasher safe, particularly screen printed growlers and custom hand painted growlers. This is considered as a unique way of expressing yourself with the growler bar. You can visit the growler bar Fort Worth and try your favorite one.