Chefs Plate review: Is this meal kit service worthy enough?


Meal kit services have changed the food retail industry considerably. If you are bored of eating out or don’t have time to buy groceries, these services are quite handy. The concept is a fun one, where a recipe with all the required ingredients and in the right proportions are delivered to your doorstep, and you just need to cook. Also known as ready-to-cook services, there are a bunch of choices available today in the US and Canada. In this quick Chefs Plate review, we take a closer look at the service.

The background

Based out of Toronto, Chefs Plate was founded by Patrick Meyer and Jamie Shea in 2014. They were probably inspired by the idea of these meal kit services that were already prominent in the US. Chefs Plate offers exactly what you would expect – fresh ingredients and a recipe delivered at your doorstep. Chefs Plate differs in a way because the instructions also come with illustrations, so cooking meals is certainly easier. The company initially delivered in Toronto area only, but now they have delivery choices in most parts of Canada, which makes Chefs Plate more accessible.

How does it work?

Chefs Plate requires you to subscribe to their services. The packages start at $50, which includes a delivery fee and this covers two meals for two people. The ingredients are packed in a refrigerated box, and the recipe cards are included. If you are not home, the delivery boy will drop the box at your doorstep. The company said that they deliver about 100 000 meals per month, which is a huge number.

Final verdict

Chefs Plate is one of the better-known meal kit services in Canada, and there’s no doubt on that. However, they have stiff competition in the sector, given that others like Cook It are offering more in form of ready meals and gluten-free options. Also, some services offer meat choices with no added hormones, which is not available with Chefs Plate.

Chefs Plate has earned a good name in the industry, and you can certainly try their services. You can also check for options like Cook IT and Missfresh, which are also worthy or often better contenders. Chefs Plate doesn’t disappoint as far as food options are concerned, but they don’t have meal packages for three people, which must be considered. Check the website of Chefs Plate to know more on their plans.